Monday, August 25, 2008

Pillow Mix

Our couch is black, a not very stimulating color i can tell you. To add some color I have pink/fuchsia looking pillows. They weren't expensive but make a big difference in our home since then. Following picture I first saw in a Dutch magazine and I felt in love with the pillows! They are from Taj Wood & Scherer. A wonderful German company that make great decorating stuff for your home.

Unfortanetly they don't make these pillows anymore, at least i still haven't found them since then. So looking for alternatives I came back home with my pink-fuchsia pillows with a big flower motiv on them. And I also got a pillow from Ikea which is recently out of stock there too. Now I was looking for some more pillows at the Ikea website and found these five, putting them together, very nice!


Jorun cover €3,99
Irma €1,00
Andrea cover €12,99
Alvine Krans cover €7,99
Alvine Flora €19.99

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Plastic Chair

For quite a while we were in search for the perfect dining chair. My boyfriend especially wanted that the chair was good for a long sit. So we all could sit with our friends in our new kitchen slash dinner area for as long as we want. We now have four lime green chairs of fake leather. As you can imagine it does sit nice but the look of it doesn't fit with our new kitchen.

My first thought went to the butterfly chairs from Arne Jacobsen. I think its a great timeless design and love the plywood. But timeless ass it is I was afraid that not many people would see what kind of design piece it is. Although a lot of people would never find the differences between Ikea and modern design furnitue I would wanted something more outstanding than this.

Than my heart felt for the DSR dining chair, designed by the famous Charles and Ray Eames couple. My boyfriend wasn't all enthustiatic as accepted and found the eiffel tower legs horrible and even more he was afraid that the chair didn't sit ever so nicely as our 'old' chairs. To convince him and search out other options that would compete a little with the Butterfly and DSR chairs we went to the Ikea (must convince it is our all time favorite store to first check out before we buy any new furniture). Not surprisingly we went for the Gilbert and Jakob chairs.

Yesterday we went to Amsterdam with our two children and went into some shops before we sat down in the Bijenkorf. A big, little bit expensive, luxury shopping mall in Amsterdam. We went to the top floor to the restaurant and as we were drinking our beverages I couldn't help myself to laugh and commend my boyfriend to try out the DSR Eames chairs! Yes, they just were standing their inviting us to test them out with a small dinner.

There was a good thing and a bad thing about the DSR chairs standing in the most famous shopping mall of the Netherlands. Now we could off course test them out and they were sitting perfect for us, even my boyfriend had to agree. But now the Bijenkorf also are selling them and I'm afraid half the Netherlands will buy them now, while I wanted them first! Yes, I know I'm not fair and I didn't expect to buy something exclusive with this choice but at least a little more exclusive than this would be nice...

But there is no turning back for me. I fell in love with the DSR and my boyfriend agreed that sitting in it was good, I now just can't wait to have them!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

World Tour Part 1

Via I got the link from the This hous above is located in Mallorca, Spain. I love the white look. But I think I'll never accomplish to get my house look like that.

This from a house located in London. Again a lot of white I notice but I love the bright colors added here. Especially the bathroom with the big painting of the woman and the Chinese blue cabinet is brilliant. Get my on an idea to print a nice photograph on special canvas for outdoor use and hang it in the bathroom. That would look lovely!