Monday, August 25, 2008

Pillow Mix

Our couch is black, a not very stimulating color i can tell you. To add some color I have pink/fuchsia looking pillows. They weren't expensive but make a big difference in our home since then. Following picture I first saw in a Dutch magazine and I felt in love with the pillows! They are from Taj Wood & Scherer. A wonderful German company that make great decorating stuff for your home.

Unfortanetly they don't make these pillows anymore, at least i still haven't found them since then. So looking for alternatives I came back home with my pink-fuchsia pillows with a big flower motiv on them. And I also got a pillow from Ikea which is recently out of stock there too. Now I was looking for some more pillows at the Ikea website and found these five, putting them together, very nice!


Jorun cover €3,99
Irma €1,00
Andrea cover €12,99
Alvine Krans cover €7,99
Alvine Flora €19.99

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