Thursday, November 06, 2008

Light Up

I was looking for a nice pendant for the dining table. It had to be white, affordable and something unique. Unique not meaning that it should be something that nobody has but at least something you wouldn't expect in millions of other households. So no typical chandelier for instance.

This lamp for Ikea would fit my list of priorities, only my partner thinks its awfull.

I adore the Paper Chandelier from Moooi. But it is too expensive.

I love this idea from 'binnenkijker.' You could cut down the price by buying some from Ikea or other cheap(er) shops and get for instance one out of the ordinary shop. But, again my partner, hates to put more holes in the seiling. So one more thing on the list of: white, affordable and a little bit unusual. It had to be one single light.

I found something else. And I hope it looks nice.

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