Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cuffed with Birds

For my daughters birthday, which we celebrated in the weekend of easter, I made these birds. Since I couldn't decide on which fabric i should take i just made like a lot of them.

A draw full of birds, in total i had 38 birds and i couldn't find a place for all of them to be honest. Some of them are still in this same draw, i probably will find them a good home somewhere.

I noticed that I like to make embriodery. The only thing was that I knew my boyfriend wouldn't like it to have embroidery hanging in our house displayed like 'paintings'. So I had to think for a another goal for this. I've this book from Friedamaria Vive Le Fete. Its a lovely book full of inspiration and much more. I love to look in it. I didn't make anything yet from it but its just a delight to look through it. They had an idea to make napkin/cuffs from old sweaters.

So I used my embriodery to make a cuff bracelet. I searched on for more ideas and saw some lovely made fabric cuffs.

I've rather small wrists. I'm so happy with my new bracelet/cuff! It fits just right and its nice to carry something with me that I made myself.

Monday, April 13, 2009


The dinnertable ready for the guests to arrive. I made three different pies so there was enough choice for everyone. We had a chocolate-cake, carrot-cake and a coconut-berrycake. The last one I never made before but turned out very well. My mothers family is from Indonesian herritage and I remember we always had some coconut pies with (birthday) parties. The flavour kind of remembered me of that. I'll make this pie more often now I think. I forgot to make photo's of all the food I made!

There off cours were also ham with pineapple, easter meat loaf, two salads, a salmon dish, bread and tortilla chips with home made guacamole. I noticed that the meat loaf was a bit strange for some people and it didn't look very tasty although it was delicious if I might say. It was an easter meat loaf because there were eggs inside it. The ham on the contrary went fast and I didn't have any piece of it, it was gone before I could even look at it.

Although it was B's birthday S also got something new. I found it time for her to get a real desk, the little Ikea table she had started to annoy me. She moved it around, B was standing next to it so S never could play on it without getting be disturbed by her little sister. So we couldn't put her lego castle on it 'cause I was too afraid B would put something in her mouth and swallow it. I also really wanted a shelf for the girls to display there books, there toys or anything else above there table. My boyfriend refused to put a shelf on the wall, holes in his house aren't a good combination.

This table really solved all my problems. Their is a shelf, even a schoolboard to draw on! My little girl can't (yet) move it around and the other little girl can't (yet) stand next to it and grab things from the desk, yet. S sits on top of her desk to play with her castle. She puts parts of her castle on her shelf and again back on the desk. Its really fun to look at her playing like that.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Project Running

I know it has been quite a while but I've been busy making these:

In Dutch there stands "Huray Bryndís" its for my youngest daughter who will turn 1 on thursday already! I feel a little bit sad about it thinking this would probably be the last baby in our house. Its hard saying goodbye to those wonderful baby-years. I'll really miss it. Often I hear people saying that they prefer toddlers or more older children even. And I for one was never that baby loving or even children loving if I may add. But since I have my own children I honestly can say there is nothing in the world more special than (your own) children. They are the joy of my life, the once I stand up for in the middle of the night, for whom else would you do that with such love and care? As they grow up and their own little personality starts to devolpe and grow its really fun and special to be a main part of their existince in the world. It something quite wonderous to be a witness of that proces they go through such close by. Everybody who is a parent would have the same feeling, that it is something to cherish.

I'll miss carrying a baby in my arms, cuddle with the thick arms and legs, blow in their bellies so they will giggle out loud and their thoothless mouth will open and their baby eyes will shine. I'll miss that little hand searching for a piece of my sweater, pants or anything else to hold so they can stand, lean or just seek comfort with. I'll miss those first kisses that aren't really kisses but more an open mouth and a wet tongue in search for something to nibble on. I'll miss all these careless babystuf, that you just can comfort them by picking them up and rock them, walk them around, cuddle their little body.

Now the 'real' problems are starting to come. How to deal with this big wide world? How to walk on the sidewalk, the challenge of the play-yard and how to speak to strangers?

So, while sewing these flags I had a lot in my mind. Of course I'm happy she is turning one and she is in such good health and such a joyfull girl she is. I'm very proud of my little girl. But as a mother I wish I could be forever a one, three or even a ten month old-baby-mommy.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


My Valentine likes photographs, he is quite good at it too and made a photo of our little family when our youngest daughter was just a few months old. I liked the photo a lot only the quality of the photograph was a bit poor (overlighted). Now the thing is that I don't like good photographs put on canvas which is a big hype in the Netherlands. My boyfriend does like it but he hates bad photo's. So I made a compromise ...

Like I said, I don't like photo's on canvas. I made a painting out of it. Mixed media I think its called. The phrase on top comes from the webshop All The Luck In The World, only slighty adjusted. I'm pretty proud of what I've made here considering that I only made one painting before (for my youngest daughter's room) and this was the first time I made those stitches.

Detail where you can see the mermaidtail I give my youngest daughter, the papercut rose and the Cupido. Above Cupid I painted a naked woman. Inspired by a painting from Artemis, although with Cupid near her feet she would more likely to be Aphrodite, goddess of love, and mother of Cupid.

The Love in stitches and the heart stitched on.

One last detail, just because I'm very proud of the bird I painted there.
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

New Kitchen

Our new kitchen with the black chandelier. I think it worked out very well, even better, than if we had go through with a white ceiling pendant. The black color just fits more with our black kitchen hood and black working place. I really love our kitchen and think all things worked out very well and just the way I planned.
The wooden kitchen cabinet and table bring just that bit more warmth into the area. While the white frige stays in the same line as my kitchen. Yes. i'm very proud if I may say so. Only still want to buy new chairs for the dining table but that will be next year or so.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sit Down

Last saturday we looked for a couch, white leather it was. No, re probably not going to buy a white couch, not while we have two upgrowing children in our house and two cats.'

I've had for a while this 'crush' on wanting to buy a couch in one specific color that i couldn't find anywhere for a reasonable price. So I already satisfied myself that it would probably going to be a green or red couch.

But now I think I found a reasonable priced couch with, hopefully the right color. Now all we have to do is pay a visit to Sfeermeubelen in Heteren. You do expect more choices in this era of endless possibilities.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Howl with Etsy

Holly from always comes with great Etsy shops. I never want to buy any because it is mostly oversea and I'm a bit of coward to pay to bankaccounts that are not based in the Netherlands. But now I took a look to find some art which features wolfs. I might buy some postcard to frame them. I have no artwork what so ever in my home, only photographs from ourselves (though they're taken by photographers whom work I do find inspiring). Remember I'll only feature the wolf prints but the artist have usual more prints in their shops.

I'll start with Sweetheart Sinner Creations who has an amazing print on a bussinesscard holder.

Heartworks by Lori has this cute necklesspendant. The painting is made by her brother Brad Weinman.

I really adore this print from Vintagehaberdashery, I think its really amazing.

Starrydance has some really cute things in her shop. I fell for this one ofcourse.

Artandghost has prints that are dreamy and beautiful.

Wool & Water has mobiles! I think its totally adorable and original. It brings me back to my childhood memories. Isn't this one beautiful?

Last one is Hideandseek where I found this print called: My, what big heart you have... Only for this title I want to have it, isn't this girl cute?

I'm not sure if I can hold myself any longer and don't buy one or two or maybe more things from this little round up i made. I really love al this prints and thingy's! I love wolves but normally hate how they're usual displayed in artwork. Its almost always in some kind of totem spirit atmosphere or with native Americans and all that sort of things. But these are totally different and completly my style. I will keep you noticed.