Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cuffed with Birds

For my daughters birthday, which we celebrated in the weekend of easter, I made these birds. Since I couldn't decide on which fabric i should take i just made like a lot of them.

A draw full of birds, in total i had 38 birds and i couldn't find a place for all of them to be honest. Some of them are still in this same draw, i probably will find them a good home somewhere.

I noticed that I like to make embriodery. The only thing was that I knew my boyfriend wouldn't like it to have embroidery hanging in our house displayed like 'paintings'. So I had to think for a another goal for this. I've this book from Friedamaria Vive Le Fete. Its a lovely book full of inspiration and much more. I love to look in it. I didn't make anything yet from it but its just a delight to look through it. They had an idea to make napkin/cuffs from old sweaters.

So I used my embriodery to make a cuff bracelet. I searched on for more ideas and saw some lovely made fabric cuffs.

I've rather small wrists. I'm so happy with my new bracelet/cuff! It fits just right and its nice to carry something with me that I made myself.

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