Monday, April 13, 2009


The dinnertable ready for the guests to arrive. I made three different pies so there was enough choice for everyone. We had a chocolate-cake, carrot-cake and a coconut-berrycake. The last one I never made before but turned out very well. My mothers family is from Indonesian herritage and I remember we always had some coconut pies with (birthday) parties. The flavour kind of remembered me of that. I'll make this pie more often now I think. I forgot to make photo's of all the food I made!

There off cours were also ham with pineapple, easter meat loaf, two salads, a salmon dish, bread and tortilla chips with home made guacamole. I noticed that the meat loaf was a bit strange for some people and it didn't look very tasty although it was delicious if I might say. It was an easter meat loaf because there were eggs inside it. The ham on the contrary went fast and I didn't have any piece of it, it was gone before I could even look at it.

Although it was B's birthday S also got something new. I found it time for her to get a real desk, the little Ikea table she had started to annoy me. She moved it around, B was standing next to it so S never could play on it without getting be disturbed by her little sister. So we couldn't put her lego castle on it 'cause I was too afraid B would put something in her mouth and swallow it. I also really wanted a shelf for the girls to display there books, there toys or anything else above there table. My boyfriend refused to put a shelf on the wall, holes in his house aren't a good combination.

This table really solved all my problems. Their is a shelf, even a schoolboard to draw on! My little girl can't (yet) move it around and the other little girl can't (yet) stand next to it and grab things from the desk, yet. S sits on top of her desk to play with her castle. She puts parts of her castle on her shelf and again back on the desk. Its really fun to look at her playing like that.

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