Saturday, February 14, 2009


My Valentine likes photographs, he is quite good at it too and made a photo of our little family when our youngest daughter was just a few months old. I liked the photo a lot only the quality of the photograph was a bit poor (overlighted). Now the thing is that I don't like good photographs put on canvas which is a big hype in the Netherlands. My boyfriend does like it but he hates bad photo's. So I made a compromise ...

Like I said, I don't like photo's on canvas. I made a painting out of it. Mixed media I think its called. The phrase on top comes from the webshop All The Luck In The World, only slighty adjusted. I'm pretty proud of what I've made here considering that I only made one painting before (for my youngest daughter's room) and this was the first time I made those stitches.

Detail where you can see the mermaidtail I give my youngest daughter, the papercut rose and the Cupido. Above Cupid I painted a naked woman. Inspired by a painting from Artemis, although with Cupid near her feet she would more likely to be Aphrodite, goddess of love, and mother of Cupid.

The Love in stitches and the heart stitched on.

One last detail, just because I'm very proud of the bird I painted there.
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