Saturday, November 08, 2008

Howl with Etsy

Holly from always comes with great Etsy shops. I never want to buy any because it is mostly oversea and I'm a bit of coward to pay to bankaccounts that are not based in the Netherlands. But now I took a look to find some art which features wolfs. I might buy some postcard to frame them. I have no artwork what so ever in my home, only photographs from ourselves (though they're taken by photographers whom work I do find inspiring). Remember I'll only feature the wolf prints but the artist have usual more prints in their shops.

I'll start with Sweetheart Sinner Creations who has an amazing print on a bussinesscard holder.

Heartworks by Lori has this cute necklesspendant. The painting is made by her brother Brad Weinman.

I really adore this print from Vintagehaberdashery, I think its really amazing.

Starrydance has some really cute things in her shop. I fell for this one ofcourse.

Artandghost has prints that are dreamy and beautiful.

Wool & Water has mobiles! I think its totally adorable and original. It brings me back to my childhood memories. Isn't this one beautiful?

Last one is Hideandseek where I found this print called: My, what big heart you have... Only for this title I want to have it, isn't this girl cute?

I'm not sure if I can hold myself any longer and don't buy one or two or maybe more things from this little round up i made. I really love al this prints and thingy's! I love wolves but normally hate how they're usual displayed in artwork. Its almost always in some kind of totem spirit atmosphere or with native Americans and all that sort of things. But these are totally different and completly my style. I will keep you noticed.

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